For Ableton Live Training / Lessons in Minneapolis or online, contact me at alec@alecness.com

Online Classes:
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The lessons I had with Alec were fantastic. He knew his way around the program so well, and was able to answer all of my questions on the spot. He has a really logical way of explaining things, and was very patient and happy to go over things if I hadn’t understood right away. Being a music teacher myself, we were able to talk about some useful strategies when teaching Ableton to beginners, which was valuable to my own teaching practise. I would absolutely recommend him as a teacher!
- Emma K

Alec Ness is an expert Ableton instructor, who is thoughtful and creative in his approach to solving problems.  He is patient and articulate, totally reliable and efficient with his time.  I can’t say it enough: it is an absolute pleasure to work with such a skillful and talented instructor.
- Linda B

With the training I have received from Alec, I have been able to accelerate my pace on understanding how the Ableton program works. I've worked with him privately as well as attending his free workshops. At the end of every session I leave feeling satisfied knowing that I learned something new, and eager to incorporate what I was taught for my current and future projects. On top of that, Alec is just an all around really nice guy, always wanting to help, and I feel he connects with each student differently. Alec and I have the same taste in music so it's nice to share our thoughts on the newest releases. I will definitely be getting in touch with him for another session soon.
- Myles D

Alec is a phenomenal teacher! He communicates extremely well, and creates a very comfortable yet motivational environment. Also worth mentioning is that his knowledge of all things Ableton is formidable, and it's especially impressive that he can present potentially intimidating production techniques in a way that's accessible and even enjoyable. Thanks Alec!!!
- Shawn B